Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site! Hope you enjoy viewing my photos as much as I enjoyed posing for them. Although I can be pretty shy at times, I have grown somewhat comfortable with posing for the camera. It hasn't always been that way though!

I first became involved with this business at age 18, when I was a freshman in college. I was studying art/management at a school in upstate New York. I loved NYC and would often ventured there on the weekends. Because I mostly explored the city all by myself, I became used to strange comments, people, and, of course, requests! When someone randomly asked me to send in photos for Playboy and I said,"No, I could never do that!" But with my Mom's encouragement, I eventually sent away some very painstakingly produced photos. Before long, I was swept away to Chicago for a one-day test shoot. I don't think I slept a wink the night before!

Although perfectly comfortable with the nudity, I was definitely bashful to be the center of attention. But Playboy took me in with open arms, shot me around my school schedule and VOILA! Three years later, I became Miss May 1997. The issue hit the stands just a few short weeks before I graduated with an accelerated BFA magna cum laude.

I spent the next few years working for Playboy and modeling in NYC. I was published in several Playboy Newsstand Specials, including my very own cover in the winter 1998 edition of the Book of Lingerie. My niche in the industry became swimwear, lingerie, and glamour. Because NYC was mostly geared toward high-end fashion, I found myself spending more and more time in L.A. There I met with Penthouse and decided to take a controversial next step. In October 2000, I became a Penthouse Pet and the first pin-up model in history to have appeared in both Playboy and Penthouse as a centerfold model. Mixed reviews followed this magazine debut. Some were shocked by my new image, others welcomed the change.

Since then I have appeared in numerous other publications and videos. And have travelled all over the country meeting my fans! The experience, thus far, has been more than a wild ride and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Best of all, I get to personally bring you my very own official website! I am working around the clock to deliver the sexiest pics, vids, chats, products, and news about me and my adventures!


1. What is your nationality?
Hmmm...what is the easiest way too answer this accurately? Well, my Mother is Vietnamese and my Father is Welsh, Scots-Irish, Italian, so forth and so on. I'm really just a mutt.

2. Were you born in the U.S.?
Yes, born and raised in Virginia.

3. Do you speak Vietnamese?
Before my sister and I started grammer school we spoke Vietnamese quite well. However, once we began school, my Mother ceased teaching us her native tongue in the hopes that we would develop flawless English speaking skills. Her decision was understandable but my sister and I are disappointed that we are unable to communicate with some of our relatives.

4. So you have a sister, can I meet her?
Ahhh, my happily married sister. And no, she hasn't considered posing nude.

5. How did you become involved with Playboy?
When I was a freshman in college, I was asked to send photos into Playboy. I initially thought the idea was ludricrous as it went against my very traditional Asian upbringing. Not long after this incident, while my Mom and I were trying on bathing suits, she happened to look over at me and exclaim, "Linn, you have Playboy breasts!" What a coincidence she should notice! I told her about the opportunity and to my surprise she supported the idea. I could not believe that this woman, who had taught me dignity, modesty, and respect, would allow me to pose nude in a worldwide publication! Well, the idea did have appeal..

6. What was it like to pose nude for the first time?
Ummm...scary? I was 18 at the time and completely shy. Though I wasn't so much concerned with the nudity itself, I was intimidated by the big cameras, bright lights, and elaborate sets.

7. How can you claim to be shy and yet pose nude?
It's simple, really. I am very free physically but I am awkwardly shy when it comes to speaking with people.

8. Is your name Lynn or Linn?
Initially, it was Lynn. Those were the Playboy days. Now that I have made the jump to Penthouse, it's Linn. Fans of Playboy usually address me as Lynn while those that know me through Penthouse address me as Linn. So confusing!

9. Why did you decide to pose for Penthouse?
My decision was based on a number of factors. Some very personal. However, I feel that Penthouse is a very forward thinking publication. I love that they present women as strong, sensual beings who are unabashed in their sexuality. To me, today's Penthouse is yesterday's Playboy. They represent such similiar ideas, in different times. Afterall, it wasn't so long ago that Playboy was thought to be risque.

10. What are your favorite websites?
Im a big fan of Nubiles Porn Nubile Porn and

11. Are those things real?
Yes, and I take it as a great compliment when asked!

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